Marèl Scholten - Hi there! As you maybe know, I’m Marèl and I’m already in my third year of the Bachelor Biotechnology. Since I started studying in Wageningen, I directly moved to Wageningen as well.  From the first moment when I met everyone of CODON, I wanted to become an active member so I directly started in different committees. I enjoyed this so much, that I decided to apply for a spot in the CODON board. I really love to talk with people and organize all kind of things, so applying for Activity Commissioner was quite logical. As Activity Commissioner, I guide most of the committees of CODON. I make sure that CODON has a wide variety in activities and that they are spread in the different periods. As of now we have around two or three activities each week. One of the things I like the most of being the Activity commissioner, is knowing almost everyone of CODON. It feels good to be approachable for all our members, if they have any questions or remarks. Being the Activity commissioner never gets boring, because the things I’m doing are so varied. I have to be present in a lot of meetings, which may sound boring, but actually it’s not! It’s great to combine serious points with a lot of fun in the meetings. Altogether, it has been a great experience so far, where I already learned a lot and full of fun with all the members of CODON and with the other board members!