Hello everyone, I am Jorg Bolder, twenty years old and I’m in my second year of the Bachelor Biotechnology at the WUR. Directly when I started with my Bachelor I started to become an active member and joined a couple of committees at CODON. Now I am in a member of the CODON board as Commissioner of Internal Affairs. As Commissioner of Internal Affairs, I guide most of the committees of CODON. I make sure that CODON has a wide variety in activities and that they are spread in the different periods. As of now we have around two or three activities each week. To stay updated of what all the committees are up to I have to be at a lot of their meetings these are a lot of fun, but after the serious points on the agenda are done there is a lot of time to discuss some more irrelevant topics. I have become Commissioner of Internal Affairs, because I like to organise fun events and activities and I like to get in touch with (new) people.

jorg blij