Joris Koch - Hello, my name is Joris, as of now I am in my third year of my Bachelor biotechnology. Since my first few days as a student I have been friends with CODON members and they made me want to become active and help in the association. Since November I am an active board member and as a Secretary my tasks are to keep contact with the members, brother and sister associations and the Wageningen University. All the mails that enter CODON will be sent to the right place and I write all the mails that need to be sent. Besides being the contact person of CODON, I also handle the social media together with the Public Relations committee. Different platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat and the CODON site will be handled. During meetings, I write the minutes and make sure everyone knows what they need to do. Because I am in control of the mailbox and the minutes, I will gain a lot of information about many matters, which provides me a good step-up to become the President.