Hello, my name is Cas Kranenburg and currently I am in my second year of Bachelor Biotechnology at Wageningen University & Research. Besides enjoying activities of CODON, I play field hockey and squash. Also I am part of a student association and live in a house with great roommates. This year I am the treasurer of CODON. As treasurer I am responsible for the overall financial affairs, like creating and paying invoices and keeping a close eye of the committee treasurers. If we want to create a brand-new activity for CODON I have to tell how much money can be budgeted.  Treasurer is a difficult function which needs a lot of attention behind the scenes. Some people hate this, but I see it as an opportunity to master working under pressure. The CODON-board is for me a way to create good times for my fellow students of CODON. This makes my happy as well. If you have any questions or you just want to hang out with me, you can find me in “het Hok” every Wednesday at lunch.