What is the GalaCie:
The GalaCie is responsible for the organization of a yearly gala activity for CODON.

What does the GalaCie do:
Alongside with other study associations, we try to organize a gala in which all students from all the associations can join together. Most associations are having the problem which is that the boy : girl ratio is not always equal. Therefore, with the different associations, a nice mix is formed in which this equallity is restored.
The GalaCie is setting up this gala trough the whole year, and makes for a spectacular activity in which many members would very much like to come. Last year’s gala was also very succesful. You may see the pictures in the ‘Photo’s’ tab!

Who are part of the GalaCie:
At the moment, the GalaCie consists of 2 people, namely:

Suzanne Ruijten
Marleen Beentjes

Because CODON has organized a gala recently this year, we are now looking for new members who would like to join the GalaCie. If you are interested, please inform Mitchel or Douwe about your interest. Hopefully we can again create a wonderfull gala experience next year!