What is the OpCie:
The OpCie discusses the current teachings and courses that are given to biotechnologists.

What does the OpCie do:
The OpCie comes together with many teachers and supervisors of biotechnology to discuss the current problems that are noted by the students. When these problems are of certain concern, we will try to solve them.
For example, if there are problems with a course that is too difficult or which needs more supervised group work, we can tell this to the supervisers themselves to improve this course.

Who are part of the OpCie:
At the moment, the OpCie consists of 6 people, namely:
Jerome Comes (OpCie Commissioner)
Sonja Isken (Director of Biotechnology)
Bas Fernhout
Linde Kampers
Vivienne Mol
Fons Janssen
We are still in need for a first-year student who would like to help us in detecting any problems during the courses of the first year. If you are not a first-year but still would like to join the OpCie, don’t hestitate to ask Jerome or Sonja.