Hi everyone! My name is Frederieke Slager and I am the president of the 64th CODON board. I am 18 years old and I am currently in the second ...
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Hi, my name is Tom Peeters. I am 19 years old and I am currently in the second year of ...
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Hey everyone! I am Renske Verkuijlen, 19 years old and in my second year of the bachelor Biotechnology. This year, ...
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Commissioner Internal Affairs

Hey everyone! My name is Youri Post and I am 20 years old. I am currently in the second year ...
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Commissioner External Affairs

Hey everyone, I am Lucas van Beers, 19 years old and I am in my first year of the bachelor ...
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Study Commissioner

Hey everyone,  I am Tino Leliveld, 19 years old and a second year Biotechnology student. I am the current study commissioner of CODON. This means I ...
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Attendance Schedule (During lunchbreaks)

Monday Tom Peeters
Tuesday Lucas van Beers
Wednesday Renske Verkuijlen
Thursday Frederieke Slager
Friday Tino Leliveld