Confidential Contact Persons

If you are faced with undesirable or transgressive behaviour, you can contact a confidential contact person of CODON, even – or especially – if you are in doubt. The confidential contact person listens to you and can guide you in possible further steps to take. You always stay in control and everything you discuss is confidential!

The WUR also has confidential counsellors, which are more speciallistic in their job. You can find the site here.

Gert van Leeuwen

Hi there! My name is Gert and I am a confidential contact person  (Dutch: vertrouwenscontactpersoon) of CODON. I like to hang out with my friends and running through the fields around Wageningen. If you ever need for someone to listen, you can always contact me. Even if you need to vent about the smallest thing, I will be available.

You can always reach Gert by sending a message or call to +31 (0)6 27588484

Nikita Catsburg


You can always reach Nikita by sending a message or call to +31 (0)6 10868208

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