The day before yesterday we played a game called ‘apenkooien’ and we had a lot of fun swinging in ropes and jumping over foam blocks. As we were playing a monkey game and acted like a bunch of crazy monkeys, we also enjoyed some delicious and healthy bananas to keep us going!


Grolsch Excursion

Last week, on the 22nd of February, 50 of our members visited the Grolsch brewery in Enschede. We discovered what it is that makes Grolsch so special compared to other beers and how they accomplish this. It was great to see which marketing strategies they employed throughout the years and how they try to be unique every time. We saw first hand how their famous ‘swing top bottle’ (beugel) is made and we ended on a great note during their ‘product confrontation’.


CODON Weekend 2018 | The WeekEND

Herinner je je het begin van je eerste jaar nog? Als nietsvermoedende kersverse student die slechts een handjevol medesjaars kende kwam je binnen rollen op de WUR en om jezelf eens goed te laten integreren heb je deelgenomen aan het allesovertreffende eerstejaarsweekend! Sinds dat moment is niets meer hetzelfde geweest, maar je hebt nooit meer eenzelfde ervaring kunnen meemaken. Gelukkig komt er weer een nieuw weekend aan, het CODON Weekend 2018! Ondanks dat dit wellicht niet het eerste CODON weekend is, zal dit wel een onovertroffen en allesveranderend weekend vol onverwachte wendingen zijn aangezien deze begint op vrijdag de 13e! Na dit weekend zal wederom niets meer hetzelfde zijn!

Voor €35 word je meegenomen op een nieuw avontuur met een griezeltintje (geen zorgen, het wordt geen horrortocht), naar een locatie die een hoop meer te bieden heeft dan je eerstejaarsweekend! (Onder andere bedden mét matras en een zwembad!) Uiteraard zijn er ook de nodige halve liters, een hoop muziek en gezelligheid aanwezig. Wees er snel bij, want er is een maximum aantal plaatsen, en verspreid daarbij het nieuws naar al je CODON-vrienden en sleep ze mee!!

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The WeekEND Commissie 2018
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ONCS 2018

Open Nederlandse Chemie Sportdagen (ONCS)

A few more months and then the time has come, the amazing Open Nederlandse Chemie Sportdagen (ONCS) 2018! And for those who do not know what this is, it is a fun and festive sporting event in Utrecht, 9, 10 and 11 May. We as CODON participate in this, as do many other chemical associations from all over the Netherlands. Think of it as a great opportunity to meet new people, to party and just to have some fun  (and of course to let who’s the best, it still a competition: p).

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You can register immediately via this registration form. So whether you feel like putting in a few good dunks, swinging around with a tampon stick or playing 30 seconds, there is something for everyone! You can register for Archery Tag, Badminton, Basketball, Handball, Knotsball, Petanque, Tennis, Ultimate frisbee, Football, Volleyball, Rummikub, Fast chess, Klaverjassen, Texas Hold’em (poker) and 30 seconds!

The price for 2 nights is 37, – but if you arrive on Thursday morning, you have 1 night and then you pay 28, -. You can register until February 16, this registration is binding. You register by filling in the form in the appendix and sending it to


The SportCie


Bioeconomy businesstalk

Hans Langeveld joined us on the 24th of January to discuss the Federation Bioeconomy Netherlands in the lunchbreak in C103. This union consists of companies, NGOs, scientists and already existing innovation clusters. The goal of the FBN is to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable country, through more effective usage of green resources. Besides this, Hans Langeveld is here to discuss how students would like to become a part of the FBN.


New years’ dinner

Last Tuesday (16 January) CODON organized the annual new year’s diner. About 50 people were present at this activity. Plans for the coming year were discussed, new year’s resolutions were broken, food and wine consumed and friendships were made and improved.

All the CODON members enjoyed the wine, chocolate fondue, meat and of course vegetarian options available. Despite some issues with the power supply the spirit remained high. Thanks to those that were present it was a really nice and enjoyable evening. We hope to see you on the next CODON activity and next year’s diner!?


The search for the Liquid Gold

It was quite the night last Tuesday. People all over the city centre were witness to our quest; the search for liquid gold!

We came together with over a 180 people from nine different study associations in order to reunite all parts of the fortune of Baron Juste de Thierry. Plans had been made and after a collective start everyone split up in groups to find the wandering ghosts of the siblings Thierry, that had each stolen a part of their fathers’ fortune. That proved to be a challenge, since they were being kept apart by hunters who went after everyone out to lessen the siblings’ misery. New speed records were set and the screams of those caught could be heard everywhere, but with true CODON courage people managed to reach them anyway and faced the challenges lain before them. Except for those that practiced the art of CODON comfort 🙂 And so, after a night of sneaking, running and furiously thinking (for most), one of the groups managed to get the coins from all the brothers together and claimed the liquid gold!

Tales of this night will be told long after we’ve graduated. Now the siblings will finally rest in peace.

Or will they?