Student for a day program (Meeloopdag)

On this day, you are able to orientate yourself on several things. You will not only experience the day of a biotechnology student generally, but you will also get an inpression on the Wageningen University itself and the life of a student in addition to the study.

Bachelor Education

There are two different programs. The first one is the jointly program, the second one is the individual program.

Jointly ‘Student for a day’ program

Under the guidance of our students, you will be able to see some practical work as well as colleges that are given at a particular day.
In the morning, there is an introduction from our study association as well from the study supervisors. Also, a teacher will come over to give a college about a subject that is understandable for new coming students, which will be a summarized version of an existing college of one of the subjects that are given in biotechnology.
During midday there will be a lunch will be provided on the university. Afterwards there will be a practical consisting of a couple of small experiments. When the practical is finished it is time for some exercise in the university sport hall. The day will end with a drink or a city tour. In the evening there will be a dinner served in one of the student associations or on the university.

Induvidual ‘Student for a day’ program

This is one of the programs which can be done at all time. You will be assigned to one of the bachelor students of biotechnology. During this day, you will follow the courses (colleges or practicals) of this student.
The schedule is quite the same as the jointly program, but in this case you will have a somewhat better view about the day as a student.

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