Board 2022

Below you can see the members of the 67th board behind our Study Association 

President - Laurens Debonnet

Hey, My name is Laurens Debonnet and I am the president of the 67th board of CODON. I am currently doing my third year bachelor of Biotechnology. I very quickly found myself invested in the our beautiful study association, joining committees as a way to meet new fellow minded people of my study. Being active in committees I learned a lot and found it one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. As a way to commit myself more to the association I decided to become part of the board. I joined the board in November as secretary and became president six months later in May. My job is to make sure everything runs smoothly within the board and all the tasks get done. Whenever needed I make sure to assist my fellow board members. Next to being a CODON board member I love to exercise, play guitar and watch movies.

If you have any questions, you can always send a mail or come by in the hok on Thursdays!

You can reach Laurens by sending an email to voorzitter@codon.nl

Secretary - Charlotte Sinia

Hi there! I am Charlotte Sinia, 19 years old and in my third year of the Bachelor Biotechnology. In my first year of studying, due to covid I hadn’t gotten to know the wonders of our beautiful study association. In my second year, however, I’ve found many friendships and a welcome place within CODON. Now, I am the proud secretary of the 67th board of CODON, which makes me responsible for the correspondence of the study association and the documenting of the board’s meetings. Together with the other board members, I want to encourage students, both old and new, to join the association and find their own place within Wageningen. Besides CODON, I like to play sports, make music, and meet with friends. If you want to ask something or have a nice chat, I am in the Hok every Monday during lunch!


You can reach Charlotte by sending an email to bestuur@codon.

Treasurer - Ilse Reitsma

Hey everyone! I am Ilse Reitsma, 19 years old and in my third year of the bachelor Biotechnology. This year, I will be the treasurer of CODON. This makes me responsible for the finances of CODON. I for example make sure that invoices are paid on time and I check on the committee treasurers. I keep an eye on the budget to see which new and exciting activities are possible. Together with the other board members I try to make CODON even better. I live at Nano, an old chemistry building of the WUR, with lots of fun internationals. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me or come by the Hok on Tuesdays during lunch!

You can reach Ilse by sending an email to penningmeester@codon.nl

Commissioner of Internal Affairs - Vicky van der Burgt

Hey, my name is Vicky van der Burgt and I am the Commissioner of Internal Affairs in the CODON board. I’m almost finished with my second year of the biotechnology bachelor. When I started this study, I found myself immediately interested in the study association. I’ve met a lot of CODON members already, as I joined several committees, which I love to spend my time on. I wanted to do more for the association, therefore I joined the board. As the Commissioner of Interal Affairs I’ll make sure that all internal committees run smoothly and that they set up and execute the activities properly. The thing I love the most about my function is getting to know even more CODON members! Besides the board, I enjoy playing the drums for the CODON band, go to parties and relax with my friends. I do not have a fixed day at The Hok, but If you want to ask something or have a coffee, I’ll be in The Hok often in the lunch. Feel free to contact me!

You can reach Vicky by sending an email to intern@codon.nl

Commissioner of External Affairs - Alec Brouwer

Hey everyone, I am Alec Brouwer, 19 years old and I am in my third year of the bachelor Biotechnology. This year, I will be the Commissioner External Affairs. As commissioner external affairs, I am responsible for contact with sponsors, keeping our website and social media up to date and arranging lunch lectures and excursions. Ever since I heard about CODON I wanted to become an active member (which sadly wasn’t that long ago). Besides CODON, I am also a member of a student association. I like to hangout with friends and listen to music.
If you have any questions, or just want to have a chat, feel free to contact me or step by in the CODON Hok during the lunch on Wednesday!

You can reach Alec by sending an email to extern@codon.nl

Study Commisioner - Roel van den Enden

Hey everybody, My name is Roel van den Enden and I’m the study commissioner of the 67 board of CODON. I’m 19 years old and in my second year of studying Biotechnology. As study commissioner I will try to improve the quality of education with help from the educational team of Biotechnology, the other study commissioners at the WUR and of course your input. I will try to arrange the facilities so everyone has the right tools to improve their studying.


I am responsible for all the matters concerning the study, which includes the organizing of orientation days for High School students who are enthusiastic about Biotechnology. These organizing of orientation days, along with a bunch of other things, like workshops, are done together with the Studcie.
I am also trying to get all of the CODON parents involved by organizing a parent day once a year with help from the Ouderdagcie, to let the parents know what their children are learning during lectures and practicals.

In the time that is left after all my duties as study commissioner, I like to listen to music or relax in the Hok.  On Fridays I am always is the Hok so if you have any questions concerning the study, send me an e-mail. Or just come by to relax after a week of hard studying.

You can reach Roel by sending an email to studiecommisaris@codon.nl

Attendance Schedule

Monday (13:30-14:00) – Charlotte Sinia

Tuesday (13:30-14:00) – Ilse Reitsma

Wednesday (12:30-14:00) – Alec Brouwer

Thursday (12:30-14:00) – Laurens Debonnet

Friday (13:30-14:00) – Roel van den Enden

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