With SponsorKliks you help CODON without paying anything extra yourself!


With SponsorKliks you can now make a financial contribution to CODON yourself, without it costing you a penny extra! For example, order a pizza online via Thuisbezorgd and CODON will receive a small commission for this!

Large online stores such as Bol.com, Coolblue, Booking.com and Expedia are also participating. A percentage of the purchase amount goes to CODON. And again, it won’t cost you anything extra!

Do you also want to sponsor CODON for FREE? Then make sure that from now on you make your online purchases via CODON’s SponsorKliks page. A small effort for you and direct income for CODON!

How does it work?

Very simple. Webshops pay commission for every order placed via SponsorKliks.com. When you place your online order via CODON’s SponsorKliks page, 75% of this commission will be deposited into CODON’s bank account. It makes no difference whether you go directly to, for example, Bol.com or via SponsorKliks.com, in both cases you will continue to pay the same. Only in the latter case Bol.com pays a commission to CODON, so that our association benefits directly from this!


Neither SponsorKliks nor CODON knows who ordered something. SponsorKliks only knows from which webshop something has been ordered, for what order amount and that the commission is intended for CODON. They know this because you went to the relevant webshop via SponsorKliks.

Because it is only registered that an order has been placed via SponsorKliks and not who placed this order, it is important that you let your online orders go through SponsorKliks. 

SponsorKliks browserextension
What is the Chrome browser extension for?

This has been developed to stimulate the use of SponsorKliks as much as possible.

Click here to install the extension.You can do this in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge!

This immediately ensures that CODON will generate more income!

The Travel category generates the majority of all commission received.
Within this category, Booking.com generates the most commission. When you visit this website directly, a pop-up will be shown so that you can still click SponsorKlick and the commission will not be lost.

How does the extension work?

Suppose you go directly to Booking.com (so you forget to do this via CODON’s SponsorKliks page), then a pop-up will appear that lets you choose whether you want to sponsor CODON or not this time. As soon as you choose “Yes, I sponsor for free” you will be redirected to the website of the shop and a commission amount will be paid for CODON after a purchase.

For the webshops that you can check or uncheck, as soon as you check them, they will appear in the bookmarks bar of your browser.
As soon as you want to make a purchase for one of these webshops, click on the order button of the relevant store and the purchase will automatically benefit CODON.

SponsorKliks App

With SponsorKliks on your phone or tablet, the chance that you forget to SponsorKliks decreases.

After all, you will see the SponsorKliks icon between the other apps and a notification will be sent once a month when the transaction overview has been processed. Notifications of other news and offers are also sent.
In the app you can set which notifications you want to receive or not.

The total commission amount is always immediately visible in the app and you can click through to see all transactions.

The app is available for Android and Apple . After installing the app, select CODON and save it.
Every time you go to a store from the app it is known that you want to sponsor CODON. Via the menu you can indicate under “Messages settings” which notifications you do or do not want to receive.

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