The Almanac Committee of CODON


The AlmanakCie is the committee, which is responsible for creating and publishing an almanac every two years. The almanac is a collection of information, events, and photographs that capture the essence of the association and its members during the two-year period. It serves as a memory book and a wonderfull way to keep track of the association’s activities. The AlmanakCie is in charge of collecting and organizing all the necessary information and photographs, as well as designing and publishing the almanac. We work closely together in weekly meetings to ensure that the final product is a high-quality, informative, and visually pleasing representation of CODON. The almanac is distributed among the members of the association. It is an important tradition for the association and serves as a way to commemorate the past and celebrate the present.



The AlmanakCie consists of:

President – Rein Wolfs
Secretary – Christiaan van der Welle
Treasurer – Demi Otter
Assessor Acquisition – Louw Helmich
Assessor Design – Eline Driessens
Assessor Design – Tom Peeters


The almanac is made possible by our partners:

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