These events are usually more low-key and simpler in comparison to the bigger parties that are organized by the student associations and are usually meant to be for smaller groups. Later in the year, other events are organized in which also other study associations participate, with people you might already know. The main focus of the Axie is to create a social setting and of course to have fun with biotechnologists only.
Events that are organized are for example the Movie Night, Beer-Olympics, New Year’s Dinner, a visit to a casino and the CODON BBQ. In addition we arrange other various activities that differ each year, sometimes dependent on student demand

At the moment, the Axie consists of 11 people, namely:

Marèl Scholten Axie Commissioner
Aniek de Winter Axie Chair
Victor Boekestein
Miriam Pater
Mitchel Keereweer
Bram Nap
Jorg Bolder
Stijn Slaats
Marieken Tack
Kim van den Handel

If you’re interested in helping us in organizing and setting up such activities for your fellow students, you may drop by on Wednesdays during the lunch break when we have our weekly meeting in ‘Het Hok’ (CODON boardroom) or e-mail to You may also contact the commissioner or chair of the Axie. You don’t have to be a part of the Axie to help though, if you have an idea for an event or a preference for an activity, you may let us know.