What are the BiotECs:

The BiotECs are the people who try to bring the first-year-students together and integrate them with other first-year CODON members.

What do the BiotECs do:

In simple saying, we organize various activities for all first year students of biotechnology. By doing this, we will try to make a bonding between all the new students of Wageningen. We are first year students ourselves as well. This makes things easier, because these students are our classmates.
The activities we organize are mostly smaller activities than those of the Axie, but nevertheless they make for a lot of fun. For example, we make lunches, organize dinners, or paint our labcoats with funny pictures and sentences.

Who are part of the BiotECs:

At the moment, the BiotECs consists of 8 people, namely:

Casper ter Waarbeek (Chair)
Maud van Gerwen (Secretary)
Claudia Op Den Dries (Penny)
Jorg Bolder (Photo commissioner)
Eline Zweers
Freek Karaçoban
Wessel Reynierse

The BiotECs of the coming year (2016) will be established during the first weeks of September. When you are interested after in organizing activities for your fellow first-year-students to bring everybody together, please contact one of the persons above to tell them you are interested!