The average CODON member drinks a lot of beer, so much even that a regular Thursday night does not even have enough hours to fill that bottomless pit. Because CODON members are really smart people, a small group decided to start drinking at 5pm in the University to quench their everlasting thirst. This tradition escalated and thus, the DomiboCo was born.

The DomiboCo is a group of nice CODON-members that takes it upon them to transform a dreadful classroom in the Forum building into a pub with the most amicable atmosphere in all of Wageningen. Here, the DomiboCo organizes the drinks, snacks and a different theme every gathering. We stand behind the bar dressed with beautiful bowties, so that CODON-members can join us for a drink. Whether you want to discuss that exciting practical, complain about a boring day of listening to lectures or go all in on beer with your mates, everything is possible, and we will personally make sure that you enjoy yourself.

We have meetings on Thursdays the week after a drink to discuss how it went and to plan the next gathering. We also plan random moments in the week to stack up on drinks, snacks and props to make sure the next drink is successful as well!