The main goal of the DomiboCo is to organize 1 or 2 drinks per period (depending on how long the period is). All members of CODON are always welcome to unwind and have a drink after a day of hard work on the campus. Up until now, these drinks (Domibo’s) are often held in classrooms on the campus in the afternoon (17:00 / 5:00 pm), but we try to change the location from time to time. For example, when it gets warmer, we move the drinks outside on the campus field. Every now and then we organize a theme-special Domibo with for example themes like: Oktoberfest, Christmas or Eastern.

Who are part of the DomiboCo

At this moment, the DomiboCo consists of:

Thomas Wesselink (DomiboCo Chair)
Ivo Sikkenga (DomiboCo Vice-Chair)
Jos Steller (DomiboCo Treasurer)
Sebastian Pruim
Peter van Nes
Mette Janssen
Thijs van Vliet

If you would like to help organize- or have nice ideas to improve a Domibo-gathering for your fellow Codonianen, you can talk to one of the DomiboCo-members or send an e-mail to