What is the task of the EJWcie?

The EJWcie is responsible for organizing  the yearly ‘eerstejaars weekend’, a weekend only for the first year students of biotechnology. In this weekend you will party, eat, sleep  and have fun together. It is a weekend full of activities to get to know the people of your study, make friends and simply have a t of fun. From sportive activities to a beer cantus, there is something for everyone. It is a great way to start your first year of study.


Who are the EJWcie?

At the moment 13 people are part of the EJWcie;

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Jorg Bolder (EJWcie Chair)
Jules Fontein (EJWcie vice-chair)
Jasper Groen (Secretary)
Simon Bakker (Treasurer)
Imogen Oldfield
Eline Zweers
Kees Schaart
Kim van den Handel
Marieken Tack
Min Meijer
Siebe de Ruiter
Stijn Slaats
Tim Woertman



For questions or suggestions about the eerstejaars weekend or the committee you can contact us at: eerstejaarsweekend@www.codon.nl