[lead]The KCC looks after the financial branch of CODON.[/lead]

What does the KCC do?

Although the KCC may not seem the most exciting committee of CODON, they are actually pretty cool! The KCC (KasControleCommissie) looks after the treasurer. They check whether the treasurer does not transfer all CODON money to his/her own bank account and form an organ to which the treasurer can turn if he or she has questions. The KCC consists mostly of old treasurers or other former board members but everybody that would like to look more into the finances of CODON is welcome to join!

Who are part of the KCC?

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Joost Verduijn KCC Chair
Tessy Hick
Piotr van Rijssel
[/table-wrap] Not only treasurers from previous boards may enter the KCC, you may also join us if you are a member of CODON. If you have any interests in joining the KCC or questions about the finances, please contact our current treasurer Suzanne.