The Public Relations Committee of CODON

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PRcie is the CODON committee responsible for all public relations accountments. As the importance of media and information maintenance is of great concern, PRcie is there to provide simple yet accessible solutions, to the satisfaction of all CODON members. With its various subcommittees specialised in different fields of public relation affairs, we try to keep up a well structured organisation in order to make this possible.

These range from the development and maintenance of the website to the overall data management of all IT aspects concerning members and non-members, ensuring everyones’ needs will be met in a formal, functional, yet visually pleasing way. (WebCSSi, webcssi@codon.nl)

This too, includes the management of all social media platforms. Conclusively, PRcie is responsible for the official Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram (SocialMediaCie). Furthermore, providing photographers that will be present at CODON events to create content for all social media accounts by fellow biotechnology students who carry their responsibility doing so with great passion. (FotoCie)

In addition, with PRcie being the backbone of the communicative aspects between CODON and its members, promotion material must be provided. Therefore PRcie, takes position in the design and creation of promotion material like Facebook banners, posters, and aesthetically pleasing instagram posts. The subcommittee responsible, makes sure the overall design accommodates both the event and our image as CODON, taken into account for whether events are formal or not. Responsible and innovative design is the key motivation. (GrafischDesignCie)

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