What is the Sportcie:
The Sportcie organizes sport activities for the members of CODON.
What does the Sportcie do:
The Sportcie is the newest committee of CODON. They organize various sport events though the year to make biotechnology students more active and to give the opportunity to try new and different sports than the ones they would usually do. It is also a nice way to get to know your fellow students outside of the university.
There are various examples of activities the Sportcie organizes: Pool evening, internal competition, ONCS and sport clinics. We try to show different types of sport every activity, but sometimes we have yearly events.
The Sportcie is also concerned about the appearance of the sportsmen and organizes things such as an uniform.
Who are part of the Sportcie
At the moment, the Sportcie consists of 7 people, namely:

Kevin Bron (Sportcie Chair)
Joris Koch (Sportcie Secretary)
Ties Baljet (Sportcie treasurer)
Marèl Scholten
Ivo Sikkenga
Iduna Hoefnagel
Imogen Oldfield

Our meetings take place during the lunch break on Friday. So if you’re interested in joining the Sportcie you can send one of us a message or you can e-mail sportcie@www.codon.nl If you have an idea for an event you can also let us know.