The grass is green, the lights are white and the stands are CODON-red. The CODON-anthem is ear deafening and everybody shivers when the feared CODON-red sport shirts step on the field, because CODON-Members are not only awesome drinkers, but also the most competent athletes of the WUR. This is not only because CODON-Members have the strongest genes, but also because they have the best Sportcie to lead them in the world of student sports.

As the Sportcie, we organise a big sporting event for CODON every 2nd, 4th and 6th period of the academic year. Because 3 activities is not a lot for the gains, we organise a few smaller sporting events throughout the year. Thymos takes care of a lot of different activities on the Bongerd, so our job as Sportcie is also to inform CODON-Members of these activities. Furthermore, the Sportcie also arranges a big and strong group of CODON-Members yearly to participate in the ONCS (Open Nederlandse Chemie Sportdagen), this way CODON does not only dominate the WUR, but also the whole student sports community in the rest of the Netherlands. Our committee assembles every Wednesday of the week to organize events and have fun in the progress.