Everyone is eventually here for one reason, to study Biotechnology. You probably have already seen us before, as we try to get upcoming students to study Biotechnology and give them information about the study itself. But that’s not all that the Study Committee (StudCie) does. Next to the open days, the Student-for-a-day programs and other days we try to inform students, we also try to maintain the quality of the study. If a course is not satisfying in any way, then it is up to us to try to make a difference.

But that’s not all. We would not be part of CODON if we did not try to organize fun and educative activities, such as excursions to biotechnological companies or lectures from inspiring people in our field. We also have parent’s days once in a while, where you can show your parents what it is like to study biotechnology. They will be given some presentations and practicals to give an insight in your life.


Who is part of the StudCie?


At the moment, the StudCie consists of 5 people:

Bjorn Beelen                                     StudCie Commissioner

Jenny Bakker

Mette Janssen

Marijtje de Boer

Thomas Oerlemans


In short, we are a rather serious, but also really fun committee that tries to maintain the quality of the study and get new students to Wageningen. If you want to become part of the StudCie, or if you have any remarks or question, you can always send a mail to studcie@codon.nl or you can ask us directly.