What is the WeekendCie:
The WeekendCie is responsible for the yearly weekend of CODON.

What does the WeekendCie do:
There is always one weekend of CODON in which all members are able to join us for some fantastic days. We will not go abroad, but try to look for places closeby where we can enjoy ourselves with our own parties and games.
Also, the WeekendCie is trying to create a weekend for first-year students only, in which the members can get to know each other in a faster and funny way.

Who are part of the WeekendCie:
At the moment, the WeekendCie consists of 8 people, namely:
Pim van Meer (Chair)
Ellen van Beersum
Yorick van der Heiden (Treasurer)
Bas Visser
Bram Nap
Koen Volkering
Lisa van der Goes
Marsha Haneveld
Wouter van der Does

This years’ weekend is coming very soon, with more information coming. Although it is exceptionally fun to organize a weekend, it is still quite some work. Especially if we want to have more weekends a year, we need more people that are willing to help us! We are open to new ideas and places, so if you think you can help us, please send an e-mail to one of us!