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CODON sweater

During the wintery days, it can be cold. As humans aren’t psychofrylic, we need warm clothing. That’s why the PubCie designs a CODON sweater every year. Do you want to look stylish? Pay attention to our promotion, as this product can only be bought via an order list.


Are you done with drinking from single use plastic or cardboard cups during your lecutre or thesis? Are you also tired of feeling guilty every time you use unsustainable items? Then wait no longer, and come to the Hok to buy this lovely CODON mug!

CODON sunglasses

Imagine this: you are at the CODON weekend, it’s early in the morning and you just woke up from an eventful night. You’re sitting outside watching the sunrise. You’re drinking Pitt beer, you turn your face towards the sun and you sigh with pleasure. What is missing? One of these beautful CODON sunglasses of course! Available in two different frames.

CODON socks

With these stylish socks you can complete your CODON outfit! We advise you to buy two pairs, as eventually you lose some. Available in two sizes: 39/42 and 43/46.


Do you know the moment that you’re at the supermarket checkout and you find out that you have forgotten a bag? This product is the solution! This bag is so nice that you will never forget to take it to the supermarket. Never walk home with hands full of groceries or spend money on plastic bags ever again!

Other Merchandise

We have a lot more merchandise then is listed here. To see it all, visit us in the Hok!

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