Start of the academic year!

The Academic Year Has Begun! 📚

Excitement is in the air as we kick off another incredible academic year at Codon! These past weeks have been nothing short of fantastic, with a whirlwind of activities and warm welcomes to our new bachelor and master students during the AID.

🎉 AID Study Day: We set the tone with a day brimming with engaging activities, laughter, and memorable conversations. It was the perfect opportunity to forge new connections. As the day drew to a close, we savored a delightful barbecue followed by an unforgettable evening of fun at the Bunker.

🎈 Loads of Activities: At Codon, we never rest! We’ve already enjoyed a series of thrilling events, including Axie’s exciting kick-off, an adrenaline-pumping lacrosse workshop by the Sportcie, and a festive Dies week that marked Codon’s 32 years of excellence. Hip hip hooray!

🥳 AUG Start Party: Brace yourselves because next week, we’re unleashing the infamous AUG Start Party! It’s going to be epic, and we can’t wait to see you there. Get ready for a night that promises unforgettable memories.

Stay tuned for more thrilling updates and upcoming events throughout the academic year. 📖✨

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Thesismarket + Frikandelbroodje workshop

Last week period 4 started, which means CODON had some activities ready for their members again.

On Tuesday we organised an online thesis market together with M.S.V Alchimica. Over 200 people showed up in Microsoft Teams to orientate themselves.

On Thursday the DoMiBoCo organised a Frikandelbroodje Workshop in Discord. They did a really nice job!

Biotecs evening

BiotECs speciality beer evening + DSM lunchlecture

The last week of period 3 has past which means exams are coming up next week!

Before that we would like to take a look back at the activities from last week.

On tuesday the BiotECs organised a speciality beer evening. The first years were able to meet up in groups of 3 at a 1.5 meter distance at home to enjoy some beers together.

On wednesday DSM organised an online lunchlecture for MSc and PhD students, it was really interesting!

Due to the lockdown we are not able to reserve any selfstudy rooms at the university next week, so we hope you can all find a peaceful place to study in yourself! Best of luck!



Career Event for starters and young professionals in Chemistry & Life Sciences

Date: February 20, 2020
Time: 19:00 – 22:00h
Location: Biopartner Center, J.H. Oortweg  21, Leiden

No clue what to do after finishing your HBO, MSc, Postdoc or PhD? Tired of a boring job? An appetite for change? Both starters and professionals, we all share the same questions about the next step in our career.

Are you also wondering about your options and want to know how to find them? We are here to help you with some answers. Like, how to gain more success in the application process: making a resumé, handle a job interview and make a lasting presentation. Visit the Career Event, organized by KNCV, Jong KNCV and CheckMark Labrecruitment. And learn about the best strategies for finding a job.

With speeddates with recruiters, talks about different career paths, professional photoshoot for your LinkedIn and resumé, personal coaching by the KNCV Career Coaches and CV-checks. We close the evening with some drinks in the hall.

For whom?
HBO-, master-, PhD-students and Postdocs, starters and professionals working in chemistry or life sciences who want to orient themselves to the future job market.


18.30-19.00: Welcome and Registration
19.10-21.30: Talks, photoshoot, CV-checks and Career Coaches
21.30-22.00: Closing drinks

KNCV-member: € 15,-
Non-member: € 25,-

Register here


Mieters Gratis Liters!

The 5th birthday of MGL is coming up! Celebrate this joyful event with us in the International club. It’s our birthday party, so dress adequatly. We hope to see you all on the 3rd of March!


Mieters gratis liters

Op 9 november komt er een speciale Lustrum uitvoering van Mieters Gratis Liters met het thema Throwback 90-00’s. Voel je de gevoelens van nostalgie al naar boven “borrelen”, kom dan naar SSR-W om nog meer gratis bier weg te tikken en helemaal losgaan op hits zoals “Everytime we touch” van Cascada!

Voor meer informatie, klik hier!


Eerstejaarsweekend 2016

CODON organiseert de komende periode een aantal activiteiten. De kers op de taart is voor jullie kersverse biotechnoloogjes het eerstejaarsweekend. De mogelijkheid om na periode 1 voor de zelfstudieweek weer op adem te komen, je medestudenten nog beter te leren kennen (want hoe goed ken je iemand nu in een collegezaal?) en gewoon een super gezellig weekend te hebben, want welke student gaat er in het weekend nou nog naar huis?

Van velen van jullie is al de vraag gekomen wanneer de inschrijvingen eindelijk zouden beginnen en het moment is eindelijk daar, het moment is NU!! De inschrijvingen zijn geopend, en wacht niet te lang want vol is vol! Er kunnen waarschijnlijk zo’n 70 mensen mee, dus dat is ongeveer de helft van jullie jaar!

Zet het weekend van 14, 15 en 16 oktober in je agenda, en schrijf je in via MyDNA! Zodra jullie je aangemeld hebben, krijgen jullie binnenkort per mail meer informatie over dit prachtige weekend wat je nooit zult vergeten!

Hier kun je je aanmelden!


Helaas zit het bestuursjaar van Dàmi Rebergen, Nina Bloemhoff en Matthijs van Dam er alweer bijna op. Op 19 mei zullen zij tijdens de Algemene Leden Vergadering afscheid nemen van het bestuur en zullen Piotr van Rijssel en ik op zoek gaan naar drie nieuwe bestuursleden. Na de ALV zal er een wisselborrel plaatsvinden waar iedereen welkom is om het nieuwe bestuur te feliciteren.