Biotecs evening

BiotECs speciality beer evening + DSM lunchlecture

The last week of period 3 has past which means exams are coming up next week!

Before that we would like to take a look back at the activities from last week.

On tuesday the BiotECs organised a speciality beer evening. The first years were able to meet up in groups of 3 at a 1.5 meter distance at home to enjoy some beers together.

On wednesday DSM organised an online lunchlecture for MSc and PhD students, it was really interesting!

Due to the lockdown we are not able to reserve any selfstudy rooms at the university next week, so we hope you can all find a peaceful place to study in yourself! Best of luck!

Axie Radio

Axie Radio – Just Dance – Meatable

We are living in tough times right now, but that does not mean CODON is not organizing activities. From now on we will try to keep you all posted here again on what is going on in our association, starting with last week.

Last Tuesday the Axie organised a radioshow on twitch for everyone to listen to, a big thank you to Jorg and Stan for being the hosts!

On Wednesday we had a more physical activity, the SportCie organised an online Just Dance evening, it was really fun to see.

On Thursday the company Meatable gave a lunchlecture on Microsoft Teams. It was really interesting to hear what their goal is and how they want to achieve that goal.



The day before yesterday we played a game called ‘apenkooien’ and we had a lot of fun swinging in ropes and jumping over foam blocks. As we were playing a monkey game and acted like a bunch of crazy monkeys, we also enjoyed some delicious and healthy bananas to keep us going.