Start of the academic year!

The Academic Year Has Begun! 📚

Excitement is in the air as we kick off another incredible academic year at Codon! These past weeks have been nothing short of fantastic, with a whirlwind of activities and warm welcomes to our new bachelor and master students during the AID.

🎉 AID Study Day: We set the tone with a day brimming with engaging activities, laughter, and memorable conversations. It was the perfect opportunity to forge new connections. As the day drew to a close, we savored a delightful barbecue followed by an unforgettable evening of fun at the Bunker.

🎈 Loads of Activities: At Codon, we never rest! We’ve already enjoyed a series of thrilling events, including Axie’s exciting kick-off, an adrenaline-pumping lacrosse workshop by the Sportcie, and a festive Dies week that marked Codon’s 32 years of excellence. Hip hip hooray!

🥳 AUG Start Party: Brace yourselves because next week, we’re unleashing the infamous AUG Start Party! It’s going to be epic, and we can’t wait to see you there. Get ready for a night that promises unforgettable memories.

Stay tuned for more thrilling updates and upcoming events throughout the academic year. 📖✨

Axie Radio

Axie Radio – Just Dance – Meatable

We are living in tough times right now, but that does not mean CODON is not organizing activities. From now on we will try to keep you all posted here again on what is going on in our association, starting with last week.

Last Tuesday the Axie organised a radioshow on twitch for everyone to listen to, a big thank you to Jorg and Stan for being the hosts!

On Wednesday we had a more physical activity, the SportCie organised an online Just Dance evening, it was really fun to see.

On Thursday the company Meatable gave a lunchlecture on Microsoft Teams. It was really interesting to hear what their goal is and how they want to achieve that goal.