Bestuur 2016

ALV en bestuurswissel



On Thursday the 17th of November the next General Members Meeting (GMM) is planned. From 19.00 on you are welcome in the Woeste Hoeve to have some free drinks and snacks. We will start this official meeting at 19.30 sharp, so please be on time!

During this meeting, Piotr van Rijssel and Tessy Hick will leave the board. Furthermore, Linda van Oosten will resign as secretary in the hope that she will become the new president of CODON. Jimmy Wieten and Suzanne Ruijten are the new board candidates for the function of secretary and treasurer respectively. As a member you have the rights to vote for the new candidates during the meeting!

We are planning to finish the GMM around 22.00 after which we dress up the new board members and have some drinks together to congratulate them.

Bestuur 2016: het 55e bestuur der CODON

You can find more information here.

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